My All Hallows Listen Pick – Coraline

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audio book, downloads, digital download gift subscriptionMy All Hallows Listen Pick – A Review of Coraline

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s All Hallows Read, I wanted to listen to some spooky audio books during the month of October. I had a quick look on and decided to start with Coraline which was written and narrated by Neil Gaiman.

I had already seen the movie so I had a good idea what the story was about. An only child starts exploring the house her family has recently moved to and discovers an alternate world with an Other Mother and Other Father. These other parents are much nicer to and more considerate of Coraline than her real parents. Even though she is enjoying the attention, it doesn’t take long before Coraline starts to feel that something might be wrong. Things just aren’t adding up and Coraline begins to realize that the Other Mother may not be as lovely as she seems.

Even though this was written for a younger audience I still found this audio book to be a great pleasure to listen to. It is short and sweet clocking in just over three and half hours and great to listen to by yourself or with your kids. Neil Gaiman does a wonderful job narrating the audio book and you can hear his enthusiasm for the story. I highly recommend this as an All Hallow Listen pick for young and old!

Have you listened to the audio book or seen the movie? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Gaiman always impresses me as both an author and a narrator. Not many people can pull off both duties. The other author that comes to mind that is great at both is Malcolm Gladwell. Anyway, I really enjoyed the audiobook and the movie. Very creepy stuff.