We’ve Launched the World’s First Unlimited Cloud-Based Service for Audio Books

Listen from the cloud.

Our Audiobooks.com office is full of excitement today. We set out to create a faster and easier way for people to access audio books and have accomplished that today with the official launch the world’s first cloud-based service for audio books.

If you’re a member of the Audiobooks.com community, you’ve already been enjoying the added benefits that come with listening from the cloud, but we’re sure some of you are still wondering what all the hype is about.

Our app was developed using HTML5, a language mobile devices love. You can listen to audio books across all devices and browsers and you’ll never have to download another plug in again. We’ve also incorporated a cloud-based technology which allows you to access your audio books from anywhere in the world and eliminates the frustration that comes with slow downloads and storage constraints.

Basically, our new app allows you to:

  • Listen to unlimited audio books on-demand
  • Easily switch between listening devices—pause your audio book on your iPhone at the gym and find your place instantly when you continue listening from your laptop at the office
  • Instantly access more than 10,000 best sellers, top new releases and classic favourites
  • Never have to worry about storage restraints because the content lives on a cloud

We’re revolutionizing the audio books industry and enhancing your listening experience and, if you haven’t already, try out our app for free!

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Will you be signing up for our free trial?


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2 thoughts on “We’ve Launched the World’s First Unlimited Cloud-Based Service for Audio Books

  1. I would just like to say thank you. I was a flight nurse on the helicopter when i contacted a virus that went to my brain. i am now bedridden. Reading was my life but my eyes are now affected. Audio books were to expensive till i found audio books. Thank you again.

  2. I listen to multiple titles per month, and I’ve already subscribed to the service. What I love about it over the Audible model is that once you buy a book on Audible your time and money is sunk into that book. If you don’t like a book on Audiobooks.com, you move onto the next book. You can dip into many books until you find a book to your liking. Also Audiobooks.com is great for the shorter audiobooks length. At Audible you either bought them (in addition to your monthly credit charge) or you wasted a whole credit on them.

    There is room for improvement. It needs the ability to place your titles in cue like Netflix. And more options to sort the titles–by length, ratings, authors, title, etc. I’m sure there are improvements in the works though.