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Sometimes we think there’s nothing tougher than choosing an audio book (and then we realize we’re being a bit over dramatic). But seriously, it can be hard. Not only do you need to look for a great story that’s going to entertain you but the narrator has to be pretty fantastic too.

In our experience, audio book lovers really enjoy sharing their opinion on the books they’ve listened to. And unlike your Aunt Helen who loves every audio book she’s ever listened to, they can often offer some great insight.

There’s been so many times where we’ve read a review that expressed our opinion so clearly, it’s like the person was listening to the book with us. But we’ve also had the opposite experience, where it seemed like the book the reviewer was listening to was from another planet.

To help weed out the not-so-spot on reviews, we’ve added a new feature that makes it easy to rate the audio books themselves, and also mark a particular review as helpful or not. Logged in customers can now vote on whether a review actually helped them find a great audio book and the top-rated reviews will be front and center.

Awards can be another great way to discover top titles, but tackling a long list of nominees can be daunting. Good thing a couple of our favorite audio book bloggers have come up with the Armchair Audies this year. We’re thinking we’ll tackle Fiction and listen to all of the nominees in that category in the coming weeks.

Here are a few Audie Award noms to help you pick a category:

P.S. We’re looking to add even more features to our review section soon – let us know what features you’d like to see!

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  1. Welcome aboard the Armchair Audies! I’ll be tempted to see which title you ultimately select. Happy listening and let me know when you review a title so I can add it to the Armchair Audies page. So glad you’re with us!