New! App for Your Android Smartphone

While some people have had a summer filled with cottages, road trips, sun, surf and sand—here at we’ve been busy coming up with new and exciting ways to make our service even more awesome so that your audio book listening experience is the best anywhere.

Android fans rejoice! This week we launched a free app for Android smartphones and tablets and it’s loaded with all kinds of goodness:

  • Automatically download audio books, up to 2 books at a time, just by hitting “Play” over wi-fi or your mobile network
  • Stream instantly anywhere you’ve got an internet connection
  • Customize your settings to download or stream books automatically
  • A full-featured media player that integrates with your Android’s native functionality to automatically pause when your listening is interrupted by a phone call
  • Preview as many books as you want to find the perfect listen with our integrated sample/play functionality
  • Browse through thousands of reviews from other members

Some of you might also remember the launch of our iOS app for iPhones and iPads at the beginning of the summer and this month the latest version of the iPhone app hit the App Store. It’s got tons of cool new features, including the one that all of our members have been asking for—drumroll please—the sleep timer!

So head on over to the Google Play store or the App Store and get the apps! They’re free, they’re cool and they’ll make your listening experience better than ever.

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2 thoughts on “New! App for Your Android Smartphone

  1. Huh? Why is there a *MAXIMUM* of 2 downloads at a time?

    Something far more complex like “download and install apps” can easily do 10 at a time.

    Why the very restrictive limit?