4 Reasons To Try Audio Theater and a Free Publisher Giveaway!

Hey listeners! We know that it’s high season in the audio book world with lots of must-listen books coming out every week, but if you haven’t started listening to audio theater yet, you are doing yourself a mean disservice.

An Enemy of the People audio recording by Henrik Ibsen

To help you jump right in, our good friends at L.A. Theatre Works are giving away free copies of their latest recording, An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen. The giveaway ends June 23rd, 2014. So, how can you get it before it’s gone?

Members: Stream it on our website as usual (you can find it as our featured book on the “Browse” page) or search for An Enemy of the People in the app to add it to your library.

Non-Members: No membership is required to enjoy this title! Just download our iOS or Android app, then search for An Enemy of the People to start listening. Make sure to 

Anybody: We’ve got the full-length recording up on our YouTube and SoundCloud channels, but those will both be removed once the giveaway ends so if you want to save a copy for later, be sure to get the app and add it to your library!

Need more convincing? Here are four reasons you need to try audio theater out right now:

1. Plays were meant to be performed, not read.

Just because you hated reading Shakespeare in high school doesn’t mean you should miss out on an entire category of the written word. A good audio theater recording will often incorporate sound effects, music, and (of course) great voice acting to bring the play to life. There’s a real art to adapting visual mediums like a stage play to audio, and it’s been mastered by some great audio publishers out there (case in point, L.A. Theatre Works).

2. They make a great change of pace from traditional audio books.

Even if you’re a dedicated lover of audio books, it can be nice to switch it up sometimes. Audio plays are a great choice if you’re going on a long car ride with other people who might not necessarily enjoy being thrown 8 hours into whatever political conspiracy thriller you’re listening to. Plus, they’re often short (usually around 1-3 hours) so they’re easy to fit in between your longer listens.

3. They’re a great way to get a little culture and expose yourself to the world of theater.

Do you laugh nervously when someone drops a witty reference to a play you’ve never even heard of, hoping they won’t see through you? Are you jealous of people who can recite a monologue or soliloquy at will? Are you jealous of people who even know what a soliloquy is? Audio theater lets you learn and explore the world of theater without needing to get dressed to the nines (or hey, even getting dressed at all!)

4. A cast of trained actors (and sometimes celebrities!) offer some some top-tier ear-candy.

Multi-cast narration is always engaging: it adds an extra dimension to a story when you can hear the chemistry between a group of people all sitting in the same room, especially when we’re talking about professional actors. And when we say “celebrities”, we’re talking some serious talent here: Brad Pitt, Laurence Fishburne, George Clooney, Annette Benning, Neil Patrick Harrs–need we say more?

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