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Book Rating (74)

Narrator Rating (23)

Mistborn: Hero of Ages

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By:

Narrated By: Michael Kramer

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Date: October 2008

Duration: 27 hours 30 minutes


In this conclusion of the Mistborn trilogy, surprises blossom like fireworks to dazzle and delight.


  • Husam Qasem

    The pacing of the mistborn books are such that they keep you always at the edge of your seat. this ending to the original trilogy really ties everything together. definitely a series worst picking up.

  • Charles Johns

    Sanderson has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Books 1 thru 3 are truly amazing. Hero of Ages was the perfect conclusion. I haven't read books 4 thru 6 yet. I'm not sure how he can improve upon the first trilogy.

  • Gilbert Barbo

    The author asked me not to say this. But, darn it, its my review and I mean it! I love this series. It is the greatest series ever written. Period. No really though, I throughly enjoyed this entire series which was non stop awesome all the way through. Fitting conclusion to a series that kept me guessing until the end.

  • Michelle Curtis

    Out of all three books in this trilogy, this one was the most harrowing and difficult to get through, however the reward of the conclusion is somehow even sweeter for it. Sanderson is simply brilliant, tying together even the tiniest threads with creative expertise. He's truly one of the best fantasy writers of our time.

  • David Goodfellow

    Great story, filled with rich charactors and unique world situations. Micheal Kramer is one of the best readers i know of he is definitely an exceptional reader.

  • jeremy swartz

    I really like the whole mistborn series. It's one of those books that keeps your attention . I would recommend this book to anyone.

  • Tina Xu

    Great characters, great story. The author did a great job contrasting the beauty and determination of the people with the dark and grim desolation of the ash filled world. Wonderful and haunting, I'm sorry it had to end. Love the narrator too, great voices that really matched the characters' personalities!

  • Tyler Ramstad

    really great book, everyone should read it. great author and love the narration in this book.

  • Raymond Tardiff

    Just amazing the best book I've ever read this series is amazing and blows my mind can't wait for alloy of law

  • Dalton McCracken