Unabridged Audiobook

Written By:

Narrated By: James Yaegashi

Publisher: Recorded Books

Date: September 2009

Duration: 24 hours 52 minutes


An author whose previous, wildly successful novels have earned him a reputation as fantasy's master of magic, Brandon Sanderson continues to dazzle audiences with this tale of princesses and gods. On a world at the farthest limits of the imagination, those who attain glory return as gods. And those who can
master the essence known as breath can perform the most wondrous miracles—or unleash the most devastating havoc.
Caught up in deadly intrigue, two princess sisters face the consequences of one of the sisters' impending marriage to a God King. And further complicating the sisters' fate is the troubling—and destiny-changing—presence of Vasher, also known as the Warbreaker.


  • Dalton McCracken

    Great book, narrator could have been better, but since I hadn't read the book before his character depictions didn't bother me too much. Worth a buy.

  • Derek Baillie

    The narrator is terrible, but the books is great anyway!

  • Rebecca Shearer

    loved the book, but wish this was a full cast reading - or at least someone who understands that a character having a laid back attitude does not negate the importance of normal conversational inflection (regarding the depiction of Lightsong - which was TERRIBLE!!!)