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10 Stupid Things Couples Do To Mess Up Their Relationships

Abridged Audiobook

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: January 2002

Duration: 2 hours 39 minutes


In Ten Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationships, Dr. Laura Schlessinger calls for a return to traditional courtship. Courtship allows couples and their families to get acquainted with each other over a longer period of time, and provides structure and guidelines for that important process. Schlessinger asks couples to take a long, hard look at the recurring problems in their marriages-both small and large-and doesn't hesitate to ten them what they are doing wrong and how they can fix it. This audio is an invaluable guide for all married couples and for single people who are struggling to find the right mate or escape a bad relationship. Acknowledging your stupid mistakes can be difficult, but with the help of this audio, you will team how to correct them and how to find fulfillment, joy, and loving companionship in your most important relationship.


  • Anonymous

    Excellent. Just excellent. A reminder of common sense and love.

  • Anonymous

    I read the reviews first and gave it a shot. I have never felt so YELLED AT for something I agreed with. The vocal variations and highs and lows made no sense to the message. Her voice was so grating at times, it hurt my ears and I couldn't even hear the words being said. The messages would have been better had someone else read the book; someone adult and mature. This was wagging a finger at me like making an assumption that I did something wrong and berating me for it without giving me the benefit of the doubt. Her manner did not match any therapist I've ever heard about. She and Suze Orman should both take lessons in non-verbal vocal communication.

  • EF Heyn

    I really enjoyed this! Okay, Dr. Laura is quite conservative, so you have to factor that in. But her lessons on personal responsibility, acting mature and sensible, etc., are "right on the mark", as far as I'm concerned. I listened to this about four times .. I liked it that much!

  • Anonymous

    Every couple should read/listen to this book. She is right on the mark. I'm going to rent it again.

  • Christina

    I usually like Dr. Laura's radio program, and agree with what has to say, but I found that I couldn't listen to her narrate her own book for any given length of time. I returned the shipment after only half of the first CD. I think that the commercials and callers on the radio program help balance her better.

  • Shane Nixon

    Her voice is for me a cheese grater on my single last nerve. The content was predicatble and drab, if very true. I had a hard time getting past how bad her voice bothered me, but I suppose I should have listened to her show before renting the book. But even if I could, the content wasn't good enough to get me past disc two. Just boring and annoying for me,

  • Anonymous

    I learned a lot from this book! Wish it was around 25 years ago! I think about things that Dr. Laura says when I encounter similar situations in my life now.

  • Jayman

    Amazing book, I loved it, she is funny and real. I listened to it 2 times.

  • Anonymous

    If you are a fan of Dr. Laura, you will not be disappointed by this book. Shares some good advice and input on relationships. Is good listening and keeps the listener's attention.

  • Anonymous

    I sometimes like Dr. Laura and, as a newlywed, was interested in her perspective on how to keep a relationship strong. Unfortunately, this book doesn't have as much to do with keeping a good relationship good as it does with avoidng a bad one -- and that boils down to avoiding premarital sex. I was looking for something more than Dr. Laura's annoying whine when imitating some of her callers and warnings about premarital sex (with which I happen to agree, so disagreement wasn't the problem!) and came away disappointed. Not worth the time.

10 Stupid Things Couples Do To Mess Up Their Relationships

by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

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10 Stupid Things Couples Do To Mess Up Their Relationships, Dr. Laura Schlessinger