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[Korean] - 나는 정말 너를 사랑하는 걸까

[Korean] - 나는 정말 너를 사랑하는 걸까

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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
7 hours 5 minutes
Healing Essay on the Love of Psychoanalyst Kim Hye-nam.
The book says that the reason for not being able to love as a psychological healing book for those who wants love but is afraid of love is that it is a matter of inner self, and it must be healed to increase their ability to love and to have the love they want.
Based on 20 years of psychoanalysis, How Am I Really Love You? Interestingly reveals how past wounds work in the present through various cases, movies and books.
And sincerely analyzes why people have to crave love while hurting it.
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