Negotiation Made Simple: A Practical Guide for Solving Problems, Building Relationships, and Delivering the Deal

Written by:
John Lowry
Narrated by:
John Lowry , Donald Miller
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
5 hours 46 minutes
Read by the author with an audiobook-exclusive conversation between the author and Donald Miller, creator of StoryBrand!

Negotiators might be born, but great negotiators are made.

This book offers a useful and comprehensive approach to negotiation that can springboard a career or a company, one deal at a time.

Business and organizational leaders spend well over half of their professional time engaged in this process. It is the way they do deals, lead employees, and manage relationships. Most leaders learn to negotiate on the job through a long process of trial and error. In today’s competitive marketplace, there is no time for experimentation, nor room to make mistakes.

The good news is by mastering negotiation, the next level of success is actually closer than it appears. The actionable advice and practical guidance offered in this book give a roadmap for every type of negotiation. Through case studies, illustrations, exercises, and personal stories, Lowry shows how to:

- Make strategic decisions – move from doing what is comfortable to doing what is most strategic.
- Manage the process – carefully balance the urge to compete with the need to collaborate.
- Deliver the deal – fine-tune the negotiation process to achieve the desired outcome.


This book makes it easy to join the ranks of leaders who have experienced unprecedented success by making negotiation simple.

Figures, diagrams, forms, and an assessment are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.
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