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Adventure Books for Kids: Book of Short Kids Tales and Adventures

Adventure Books for Kids: Book of Short Kids Tales and Adventures

Written by:
Jeff Child
Narrated by:
John H. Fehskens
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2017
1 hour 19 minutes
Story One: When Crystal gets rejected by several different boys because of her red hair and her awkward social skills, she is upset and runs away. Another boy, however, sees something good in her and pursues her into the woods. But when a monster army is standing ready to attack the village, the people may not be able to get help anywhere else. Will Crystal be willing to come back and help against the vicious green monsters? Start listening and find out!

Story Two: The lazy Nery lives in his mother's basement and plays video games all day, but certain signs lead up to his inspired mind and his decision to do something with his life. When a dramatic turn interferes with his daily schedule, he meets Diego and Yara, two brave, tough warriors who teach him a lesson or two by taking him to the lava caves and other dangerous places.

Story Three: Doug and his dog, Otto, dig in the backyard. When it becomes evident that there is a golden pickaxe underneath the soil, Doug is extremely happy. A valuable object such as this could surely bring nothing but luck, right? However, when taunting nightmares haunt him every day, all related to the pickaxe, he starts to doubt and wonders where the shiny object came from. Who left it there in his yard and why? Listen more to discover a horrifying secret.
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