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America's Queen

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Sarah Bradford

Narrated By: Sandra Burr

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: September 2008

Duration: 8 hours 57 minutes


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has captivated the American public for more than five decades. From her introduction to the world as "debutante of the year" in 1947 to her untimely death in 1994, she has truly remained America's answer to royalty. In America's Queen, the acclaimed biographer of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Grace reveals the real Jackie in a sympathetic but frank portrait of an amazing woman who has dazzled us for years. Using remarkable new sources - including in-depth interviews with Jackie's sister, Lee Radziwell - Sarah Bradford has written a timely celebration of a life that was more private than commonly supposed. Jackie's privileged upbringing instilled rigid self-control while her expedient marriage into the overwhelming Kennedy clan consolidated her determination. Revealing new testimony from many of the couple's friends shows the profound complexities both of this apparently very public relationship and of her controversial marriage to Aristotle Onassis. Here is the private Jackie - neglected wife, vigilant mother, and working widow - whose contradictory and fascinating nature is illuminated by all that Bradford has discovered.


  • Paperback Reader

    Perhaps I'll never get enough of the Kennedys. I enjoyed listening to the inside story of Jacqueline Kennedy Osnassis and her family. I always wondered why she had such a faltering voice. Now I know. Also discovered that many things I had thought about the Kennedys were not rumor, but in fact, fact. It was a great listen.

  • Anonymous

    I found this book to be somewhat boring, the information and stories are mostly public knowledge already, I was expecting the inside scoop, which left me disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    Having been born in 1958 and only remembering minute portions of the 'Kennedy' era, this was a very insightful view of how this 'clan' existed - especially Jackie. I wouldn't say it marred my view of Camelot, in all actuality it confirmed its human side. But alas it also confirmed elitist behavior existed then and exists now and will till the end of time. This book held my attention continually. The narrator's voice was quite an asset to this audio book.

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea about Jackie's life, my parents generation grew up with all the Kennedy news. Very interesting. I was impressed with the little details about the white house. I listened to it in two distant sections, before SimplyAudio had their whole book rentals, but good none the less.

  • Arlene Chew

    I am from the Kennedy era. I grew up with curiosity about the Kennedys. Anything related to them sparks my interest. This book was sometimes informative to a person who thinks they've read all there is to read about them. There are always things that you are a little surprised about. I enjoyed this book.

  • Robert Weir

    I've read a number of books on the Kennedys and this is, by far, the best one. It is a well done, in-depth look at Jackie's character and the people that surrounded her. But, there's an added bonus. Not only do you learn much about Jackie but a good deal about the other characters in her life. Jack's escapades, strengths and weaknesses as well as his insights were a large part of what I enjoyed in this version. In the instance of Jack, it makes one wonder why we made such a big deal over President Clinton. The press and our communications network has certainly changed since the 60s.

  • Barbara

    I really learned a lot about Jackie Kennedy and the Kennedy clan. Amazing people the Kennedy's. Book is very well written and I believe quite accurate. I was too young to remember much about "Camelot" and that whole era. I sure am glad my husband is not a "Kennedy"

  • Anonymous

    Well written; well read. Fabulous insight on Jackie Kennedy and the real story around Camelot. I would highly recommend it! The first installment takes you up to 1963.

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by Sarah Bradford

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