Annie of Ainsworth's Mill: A moving and dramatic Victorian saga of star-crossed lovers

Annie of Ainsworth's Mill: A moving and dramatic Victorian saga of star-crossed lovers

Written by:
Katie Hutton
Narrated by:
Melanie Machugh

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
July 2022
11 hours 56 minutes
A gripping and emotional cross-cultural love story for readers of Kitty Neale and Dilly Court. By the author of The Gypsy Bride and The Gypsy's Daughter.

It's 1897 and young Annie Maguire and her parents are leaving their farm in County Down, Ireland. Driven away by poverty they're looking for a place to start again. After moving to Comber and settling for a time, once again the Maguire family's lives are turned on their heads when Annie's mother dies and she and her father move on, this time to Cleator Moor, Cumberland, where Annie starts work in Ainsworth's Mill.

Robert McClure also grew up in County Down. The illegitimate son of the land agent and cook from the big house, he spent his childhood being moved from pillar to post, never sure who he was or where he belonged. That is until he found himself in Cleator Moor and invited to join the Orange Order, a Protestant Society.

On the 12th of July, day of the Orange March, Annie and Robert meet when he rescues her from a rowdy gang out to cause mischief. Sparks instantly fly and Annie and Robert quickly fall in love. But Annie has been brought up Catholic and is devoted to her community and religion. Brought together by chance, but with backgrounds worlds apart, Annie and Robert will have to fight to be together. But can their love really survive when the weight of the community is against them?
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