Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Jean-Francois Revel

Narrated By: Christopher Lane

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: June 2004

Duration: 7 hours 21 minutes


Angered by these assaults on a nation he knows and admires, the distinguished French intellectual Jean-Frangois Revel has come to America's defense in Anti-Americanism, a biting and erudite book that -- paradoxically, given his country's especially vehement attack on the U.S. -- spent several weeks last year at the top of France's best-seller list.


  • Mandi S. Chestler

    Finally, a book that explains exactly why America always gets dumped on by the rest of the world. How ironic that a French intellectual actually comes to our rescue and demonstrates just how utterly hypocritical and ludicrous the barrage of criticism is from the European Elite and the Far Left! Thank you, Jean-Francois Revel. You can visit the USA any time you like!

  • Anonymous

    As the author suggests, any Nation which is always right is as mythical as one which is always wrong. Yet I found this pro-American Frenchman seemed to introduce a variety of expressions of anti-americanism from around the world, many of which I'd never heard before, and try to say how our Country is always right. I'd like that to be true, but the basis wasn't clearly explained, at least not to me. It's not enough to say, well, the French did that too in the 19th Century, to be proof that the current complaint isn't a valid one. I just didn't find the arguments compelling, either for or against, and it sounded like something ghost written by the Presidential press spokesperson during an election year campaign stop.

  • Steve Slick

    This book is a must read and changed my mind about the French. It is brilliant in its dissection of the hypocrisy of the pseudo-intellectuals in Europe. But that makes it impossible to dismiss as the usual fluff when he is critical of the United States. It's a great loss that M. Revel didn't write more before his recent death. He was a giant intellect.

  • Tammy Henson

    I found this to be an extremely important book. I listened to several parts twice because the subject matter was so interesting. This is a book that should be required reading in all colleges, especially for journalism and history majors.

  • Andrew S.

    This audiobook was far more interesting than I anticipated. I can see why it was a best-seller. It gives a rational, well-explained fact-based account of the real source of anti-Americanism abroad.

  • Mitch Goodrich

    I liked this book a lot. The author looks at the phenomenon of anti-Americanism from a distinctly French viewpoint. He is not shy about pointing out the rampant hypocricies and anti-intellectualism of the European Left. Listeners need to be aware that when he uses the terms "right" and "left", he is using the classical European definitions. For example, he refers to Le Pen and Hitler as being from the far right, because they are/were both nationalists. By a more American definition they belong to the far left because they are/were both Socialists. Like a lot of Europeans, he's also confused about the issue of firearms in the U.S.. He fails to understand that different states have different laws, and the areas with the most "European" gun laws tend to be the ones with the most violent crime (NYC and Washington, DC come to mind) while the areas with the most "American" gun laws have little violent crime (North Dakota and Vermont come to mind.) Still, WELL worth the time.