Written By: Sidney Sheldon

Narrated By: Kit Flanagan

Date: September 2004

Duration: 8 hours 51 minutes


All around the globe, people are being reported dead or missing.

In Berlin, a woman vanishes from the city streets. In Paris, a man plunges from the Eiffel Tower. In Denver, a small plane crashes into the mountains. In Manhattan, a body washes ashore from the East River. At first these seem to be random incidents, but the police soon discover that all four of the victims are connected to Kingsley International Group (KIG), the largest think tank in the world.

Kelly Harris and Diane Stevens -- young widows of two of the victims -- encounter each other in New York, where Tanner Kingsley, the head of KIG, assures them that he is using every resource to solve the mysterious deaths of their husbands. But he may be too late. Someone is intent on murdering both women, and they suffer a harrowing series of close escapes. Who is trying to kill them and why?

Forced together for protection, and suspicious of each other and everyone around them, the two widows embark on a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse against the unknown forces out to destroy them.

Taut with suspense and vivid characterization, full of shocking twists, and with an unnervingly realistic premise, the long-awaited Are You Afraid of the Dark? is Sidney Sheldon at the top of his game.

Performed by Kit Flanagan


  • Maria Faraj

    Very nice and interesting book! Loved it and the narrator was great!

  • Elvira

    I had not read Sheldon in a few years, I've always enjoyed his other books. It was good, but not great, but would still recommend.

  • Anonymous

    As with "The Sky is Falling" the massive conspiracies are contrived and irritating. Stupidity abounds in the characters and I actually wanted the protagonist to get killed. Read "The Other Side of Midnight" if you want a great Sheldon novel. Skip all the others.

  • Anonymous

    I wish that I had read the previous reviews before I rented this. It's awful.

  • Penelopelikes2read

    I have read Sidney Sheldon in the past and did not recognize this as a Sidney Sheldon novel. I was disappointed in the reader. All the accents sounded the same no matter what country they came from. At times I could not differentiate betwen the two main charcters. I couldn't wait for the story to end. Sorry>

  • Anonymous

    I have been a big fan of Sidney Sheldon for YEARS. But he may have been slowing down when he wrote this one. The repetition of the plot events becomes tiresome after a few encounters. The ultimate premise is a bit far fetched. Tanner Kingsley's treatment of his brother is tedious. In all, I was disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    good book, - sheldon still has it. very fast pace great twists. very much enjoyed

  • Cindy S.

    This is clearly not one of Sidney Sheldon's best. It was entertaining and an easy listen, but the story line was so simple and underdeveloped that I could have been listening to an abridged version. There was little depth of the characters and the plot was not complex. I wasn't bored, but I did find myself not remembering what I had just heard.

  • Jean

    This had an interesting plot and moved back and forth from Europe to USA. It bogged down a bit in the reflections but other wise was a good story. It seemed not to be up to the usual standard of Sidney Sheldon. The terrifying cat and mouse game held ones interest.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed listening to this audiobook. Sidney Sheldon has always written interesting books, and this one was no exception. A truly good "read".

  • Mary Price

    This is a great book and I enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend it.

  • Anonymous

    I did not enjoy this book. It starts off with a lot of potential, then gets ridiculous by the last third of the book. I hated the ending.

  • Brittany Loy

    this book wasn't for me. The reading was not very exciting & the voices did not sound any different to me.

  • Nichole Driver

    I really enjoyed this book. I have listen and read many books. This is the first Sydney Sheldon book I have ever listend to or read, and I look forward to hearing more.

  • Lidia

    Sidney Sheldon will be missed. This may not be the greatest novel of all time, but it is a fun read.

  • Sarah Gwin

    I hard a hard time getting into the book at first because so much was happening with so many people. But, it got better when the women became the apparent main characters. There were some interesting parts like how they got away, but overall I don't think this book was worth my time.

  • Elizabeth Manuge

    This book falls into the soap opera category, ie predictable and somewhat unrealistic plot wise. Too many things happened so that the heroines would be safe and the story could continue. I think it was not well written, the characters didnt ring true for me. I kept feeling disappointed about this as it had some good ideas and could have been an exciting story.

  • Connie Rutter

    I really did enjoy this book by Sidney Sheldon. It has been a few years since I have read a book by him and this one was very interesting. I liked the way the story put two women together that didn't seem to have a lot in common and work through the terror they were both facing. The narrator did an excellent job too. I am not sure if I have ever listened to her before, but in my opinion she did a very good job of making the two women come to life for me.

  • HM

    the book felt awkward most of the time. The plot was interesting but the character were under developed and somtimes got on your nerves. It was predictable too and the ending was so like hollywood blockbuster movie might end (with all the fire works). The chemistery between Kelly and Diane was portrayed awfully. There are times when you just want to slap both of them.

  • Aparna Kothari-Mears

    I loved other books by this author, but this one was not as enjoyable because it was too predictable. Also, Sidney Sheldon generally creates one strong main female character in his stories; this story has two main female characters. The style of his other bestsellers is not quite captured in this book. Not his best work, in my opinion. As an audio book, the narrator was very good.

  • Anonymous

    What a bore this book was. How stupid are these women who keep calling the people/company they know are trying to kill them? And what's with the title? Has almost nothing to do with the story. Seriously, don't waste your time on this.

  • Anonymous

    This was beyond terrible. Overly dramatic, pathetically contrived, poorly written and utterly predictible. I am sad for Sidney Sheldon -- who, in his day, wrote fantastic stories. Anyone remember Rage of Angels? This book was made even more horrible by the narrator. If you need a narrator to speak other languages for God's sake choose someone who can speak other languages. Her french was atrocious and all of her accents sounded like a comedian doing Count Dracula. Just plain terrible.

  • Evelyn McAdams


  • Cheryl G

    This is a well written and well read suspense novel. I couldn't stop listening - I just wanted to know more, or just finish this section.... Even up to the end there are slight twists. The reading was so well done, at times it seemed like it was a movie playing in the other room!!!

  • Anonymous

    Usually I love Sidney Sheldon books! This one was quite disappointing. The story line was really good, but it jumped around so much, it was hard to keep up. There was also too little information given about the work that was being done by the think tank. Lost interest way too fast.

  • Anonymous

    This was a very silly book. The only reason I listened to the end was because a previous reviewer indicated he/she didn't like the ending. I wanted to find out how awful it was, and I wasn't disappointed. It was truly awful. This was my first Sidney Sheldon book and am scared to try again.

  • Michael Scott

    First time reading Sidney Sheldon. It was OK. A tad unrealistic, and pretty sappy though. Still... while no work of literature, it was entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    I liked it. Held my interest. I would recommend it. Didn't really like the end though, but good concept.

  • Anonymous

    Too unbelievable and too predictable. I am a fan of Sidney Sheldon and I therefore listened to the entire book but I have to admit I was disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    A "think tank" headed by an evil genius? A gorgeous supermodel and a beautiful blond artist as the plucky heroines outsmarting the evil genius? Come on. I can't wait to watch the screen version on the Lifetime channel.

  • Anonymous

    Fast moving and keeps your interest throughout. Well read.

  • Dana Rivera

    I really enjoyed this book. It was easy flowing and very hard to quit listening to. The author keeps you interested and wanting more. In fact, I would like to know what happened to the characters next.

  • Dre Hunt

    I liked the book well enough. You always knew what was coming next though.

  • Lisa Parker

    Loved it!!

  • Anonymous

    Sidney Sheldon needs to bone up on reality and facts when writing details, especially medical details, in the plot. The characters are overly melodramatic and react in a very illogical and unrealistic manner. It overflows with sticky sweet sentiment.

  • Lisa M. Zepponi

    Sidney Sheldon's work is always great and this book, so far, is no exception. disappointed I didn't have the second part to immediately listen. Can't wait to hear the rest...

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe this book only received 1 star.Maybe it was a little far fetched, but it was suspenseful and was so glad to see the villian fail and the heroines succeed. Definately a must read.

  • Paz Beegle

    I enjoyed this book very much. I recommend it for Sidney Sheldon fans.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Sidney Sheldon
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Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Sidney Sheldon
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