Back to Wando Passo

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: David Payne

Narrated By: Dick Hill

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: December 2004

Duration: 19 hours 50 minutes


When Ransom Hill discovers a Civil War-era 'prenda,' an iron pot used by Cuban slaves for conjuring, he unearths something very strange indeed. Back to Wando Passo is the passionate story of two love triangles: one marriage unraveling in the present day, and one shattered by the Civil War.


  • Anonymous

    This story flips back and forth between modern times and civil war days. The civil war storyline would have been a great book by itself. The flipping back and forth in time was more of an annoyance than an asset to the story, but all in all it was still an enjoyable read. Pay attention when listening to the last disc, as it can get a little confusing at the climax.

  • Anonymous

    Have to agree with "Arlington". I also am on disk 4; I am having a wait til the next shipment comes which is annoying and I understand will be different in the future. I found this story hard to get into . . . and some of the language I also found rough, esp. with the car windows open. I'll keep at it, hoping it gets better.

  • Lucy

    Back to Wando Passo, interesting… I'm only on disk 4 of 20 or something and I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm a bit of a litterateur snob and some of the language, I find a bit crude, however the descriptions are beautiful and illustrative. My friend, who was subjected to disk one and two tolerated the narration, describing it as a romance novel, however he was not complementary about the execution of the dialogue. I'm going to keep listening, it's good for commuting and relaxing.