Written By: L. Ron Hubbard

Narrated By: Josh Clark

Date: June 2016

Duration: 47 hours 32 minutes



Battlefield Earth is a science fiction saga of adventure, daring and courage, when man is an endangered species and the future survival of what's left of the human race is at stake.

In the year 3000 AD, man has been savagely ruled for a thousand years by a space-plundering alien race of nine-foot high, gas-breathing conquerors from the planet Psychlo.

One of the Psychlos, the villainous Terl, enslaves a man-creature and forces him to mine Earth gold. Terl’s plan: to teleport the gold to Psychlo, where he can then return wealthy and powerful.

From this dystopian landscape, a slave emerges —Jonnie Goodboy Tyler. As a member of the dwindling community of only 35,000 human survivors, Jonnie has plans to free mankind from alien tyranny—and cause the ultimate destruction of the Psychlo empire.

But is Jonnie’s fight to save humanity from these gigantic and technologically superior monsters a losing battle? Or will humans regain the Earth once more?

A fully immersive audiobook with HD sound.
Experience the epic adventure that changed the shape of science fiction forever."


  • Joshua H.

    Narration is top notch. The plot and story has heroism and just a chilling reminder that we may not be alone. The background sounds while narration is going on it wicked, only other series I know that has it is the Alien series on audible. Makes listening a greater experience! Only issue is the music at the end/start if each new part, but if you just press the 30s forward it skips it so no biggie. I'm pretty sure the music is also the original music L. Ron Hubbard composed himself for the novel. But not sure.

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  • Robin B.

    The book was great. the narration great. could have done without the music between chapters, like commercials during a movie....irratating

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  • Jack

    Definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read/audiobook. Can not say enough great things about it .

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Rosemary C.

    Took a while to get into the book. Different style of science fiction. Stuck with it. Good ending. Narrator was good. Had to really listen to hear voice over the background music and sounds.

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  • Anonymous

    Best book ever

  • Anonymous

    So amazing. So many great voices. Very rare to find such an incredibly well produced and thorough radio play like this. Truly theater of the mind. 48 hrs but easily well worth it. I've never been a fan of Hubbard because of scientology but I heard such good things about this book and particularly the auudiobook. After listening to it I see why the movie was such a travesty. Now I only hope it gets picked up by HBO or something. If you love scifi, this is a MUST LISTEN. I already feel like I am going to listen to it a second time.

  • Roderick C.


  • Tor A.

    I cant count how many times i do have lisen too this book. I like the story, voice actores and the efect put on it.

  • Jon E.

    Oh I love the narrator love the fact that they did thing different characters in different voices what I found to be extremely irritating and time wasting was the music in between chapters it was like a commercial please no more of that

  • Oisín G.

    One of the best Sci Fi books ever written. Has everything. Audio book great.

  • gerry T

    THE AUTHOR, THE BOOK & THE AUDIO PRODUCTION. Despite the infamous reputation of L. Ron Hubbard or how one feels about the individual himself and the practices he may have participated in, this is beyond doubt his greatest science fiction master piece. Unique and killfully written, this action packed and fast moving narrative will keep the listener transfixed as they might ponder; what happens next? Battlefield Earth has all the elements that's make it a certain classic in the Sci-Fi genre, it contains nearly every kind of subgenre that one can think of that fits into the narrative seamlessly. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to any Sci-fi fan, I am pretty confident that the majority of people will enjoy this edition. The production quality of this audio book is quite high, the sound effects are good and the narrator's voice is both skillfully expressive and emotive, the use of female voices at the appropriate parts are a nice touch. If I had any criticism at all, it is with the character voices of the Psychlo adversary's, I felt they sounded a little too alike, at times making it difficult to determine what was being said by whom. It must be stated though that I also felt that it did not interfere with my enjoyment of the production. THE STORYLINE. This voluminous book is set in a post apocalyptic Earth, where an evil race called the PSYCHLO had decimated Earth' s military and population in just 9 minutes, with the use of invincible gas drones. Johnny " Good Boy" Tyler, one of the few precious survivors left generations after the attack, is captured by a Psychlo called TERL, the chief security officer of the mining corporation tasked with stripping the Earth of its precious minerals. Terl has plans to use some of the remaining humans upon the Earth to mine the last remaining gold deposit on the planet so as to buy his way to power back on his home world. The gold is situated in the radioactive mountains of North America, in which radioactivity remains, this is deadly to all Psychlo's and becomes extremely explosive when tiny amounts mix with Psychlo's breath gas. Terl intends to use an advanced brain educator machine to train Johnny to operate and repair the Psycho equipment, so that he could then train other human captives to help him mine the gold for the greedy and devious Psychlo. Johnny learns much more about Psychlo's and their technology than Terl realizes and as a result, he determines to rid the Earth of Psychlo's forever. In a battle of wit's between captor and captive, Johnny sets off to complete a complex plan, with the aid of other groups of survivors around the world, to not only destroy all Psychclo's, but they also end up having to also fight a evil and deadly mercenary force called The BRIGANDS, who for generations had been working for the invaders and capturing humans to be tortured by the bored Psychlo, as a twisted form of sport. Subsequently, Johnny has to rush against the clock to ensure the Earths survival against a gas drone launched by Terl to exterminate the last remaining humans on Earth. He also has to fend off multiple alien war fleets surrounding the planet. They are greedily intent on ransacking Earth's riches, enslaving its population and finally, ensure the planet's destruction. Johnny struggles desperately to find solutions to all of these problems, as everything and everyone he holds dear hangs in the balance between survival and annihilation. Then, without warning, a new adversary, more powerful than the universally hated Psychclo dictatorship shows up. Time is running out ever too quickly now, while Johnny and his friends myst face a dangerous and hideous monster that is intent upon dividing up the remains of Planet Earth to the highest bidder. The INTERGALACTIC BANK, and they are foreclosing on the Psychlo property called Earth!

  • kendale w

    I loved it

  • Donald A

    I loved this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I was so addicted to what was going to happen next. I felt like I was right there. I'm a truck driver so this makes my day go by so fast.

  • Raymond Bradley

    This is the best audio book I have listened to. Background sounds and different voices for the many characters are great. Listening to the same voice for a whole book gets boring. I found myself stopping and parking just to hear the next chapter. Great job on this rather large book keeping interest and anticipation throughout. I look forward to more books like this and thank you for getting my interest into reading again. Audiobooks is great for me as my sight is failing.

  • Book Critic

    A truly entertaining story with lively and thrilling narrators and a great plot development. One of the best audiobooks I've listened to.

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Battlefield Earth Special Edition, L. Ron Hubbard
Battlefield Earth Special Edition, L. Ron Hubbard
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Battlefield Earth Special Edition, L. Ron Hubbard
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Battlefield Earth Special Edition, L. Ron Hubbard
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