Before the Frost

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: June 2009

Duration: 13 hours 59 minutes


In this latest atmospheric thriller, Kurt Wallander and his daughter, Linda, join forces to search for a religious fanatic on a murder spree.

Just graduated from the police academy, Linda Wallander returns to Skane to join the police force, and she already shows all the hallmarks of her father'the maverick approach, the flaring temper. Before she even starts work she becomes embroiled in the case of her childhood friend, Anna, who has inexplicably disappeared. As the case that her father is working on dovetails with her own, something far more dangerous than either could have imagined begins to emerge. They soon find themselves forced to confront a group of extremists bent on punishing the world's sinners.


  • Angie Teal

    This was my first Wallander crime novel and it got me totally hooked. Even though I did not know the rest of the crime series it was easy to get into and get to know the main characters. I loved the sombre atmosphere and the realistic look at how tedious and mundane police work can be. It introduced Wallander's daughter LInda, who picked up her father's baton and promises to be just as brilliant as a detective as he is. Don't read if you like fast action-driven crime stories. It will disappoint you.

  • inclusion7

    I have read several books by this author and found only one to be remotely interesting. Unfortunately, this was not the book. His books have way too much detail...I usually like a lot of detail if it adds to the story, the details in this book however, are tedious and boring to the extreme. The characters are painted too human making them weak and unattractive. His 'hero' Kurt Vollander comes out a bit pathetic and his daughter Linda Vollander is just plain uninteresting. If you need a sleep aid rent this book!

Before the Frost

by Translated by Ebba Segerberg, Henning Mankell

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Before the Frost, Translated by Ebba Segerberg, Henning Mankell