Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Unknown

Narrated By: Robertson Dean

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: March 2004

Duration: 2 hours 49 minutes


Finest heroic poem in Old English celebrates character and exploits of Beowulf, a young nobleman of the Geats, a people of southern Sweden. Narrative combines mythical elements, Christian and pagan sensibilities, actual historical figures and events to create a striking work of great power and beauty.


  • Sara Smith

    I decided to listen to this book, merely so that I could say "I have read Beowulf." I have to admit - I am very surprised by how much I enjoyed this reading. The narrator does an excellent job of making the text come alive; I felt as though I was sitting in northern Germany around a fire listening to him speak. It was a bit tedious at times - but over all worth a read if you enjoy old english literature.

  • WLH

    Never having read this before, I must say it is no wonder it is such a classic! The narration was really good, and it was certainly interesting, and well worth the read.

  • Karen V

    Here it is, the source, the well from which the archetype of hero in Anglo Saxon culture is drawn. This is the great 1926 prose translation by R.K. Gordon. I've read and reread Beowulf, this time I was thinking about how historically authentic it sounds. I had always been taught that Grendel, the dragon, was a metaphor for evil, a symbolic antihero, a mythological creature. But now that we know that Komodo dragons exist {only discovered by Western science at the start of the 20th century} with their fatal, fever {fire} inducing bacteria-laden saliva, it seems possible similar reptiles may have lived in Europe 10 centuries ago. Beowulf now seems more immediate, a real warrior king with a sense of honor and enormous physical courage. The Christian overlays on this spooky, gorgeous piece haven't obscured its magic. This is a beautiful echo from an ancient time, a voice from the oral tradition, before the Norman Conquest.