The Best Next Thing

Written by:
Natasha Anders
Narrated by:
Janina Edwards

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
12 hours 34 minutes
After years of torment and pain, Charity Cole has found refuge within the confines of the isolated house where she lives and works. Safe from the weight of her past, Charity can finally breathe again, but her sanctuary is invaded when her billionaire boss shows up unannounced.

Miles Hollingsworth is a stone cold workaholic. His life revolves around his company until a health scare forces him to take time off. He heads to is holiday home expecting solitude, instead he finds himself seeing his housekeeper, Charity, in a whole new light.

Cut off by violent winter storms and trapped alone in the huge house, Miles and Charity are forced to spend time together, and the attraction that sparks between them burns fiercely. He steals behind her carefully constructed walls and she shows her boss there is more to life than bottom lines.

With so much at stake for both of them, can Miles and Charity resist or will they give in to the fire threatening to consume them?

Contains mature themes.
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