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Best of Happiness Hour 2014

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: The Dennis Prager Show

Narrated By: Dennis Prager

Publisher: Christian Audio

Date: April 2015

Duration: 5 hours 0 minutes


The Dennis Prager Show presents: Best of Happiness Hour 2014

Life Is Tough

Everyone knows this. But most try not to think about it. This is not a good happiness strategy. Recognizing that life is tough gives you the perspective needed to achieve happiness.


Dennis talks to Dr. Stephen Marmer, member of the clinical faculty of UCLA Medical School and psychiatrist in private practice in Brentwood, CA. The subject is: what is the difference between feeling depressed and being depressed. And what can you do about either one?

Was That Fight Worth It?

We fight about so many things with our friends and our spouses. How many of these fights are really worth the pain they generate? We waste a lot of time not being happy.

Darkness at Noon

People think that somber, dour and dark equals deep. And that the happy are shallow. The truth is the opposite.

You Owe Me

Feeling that the world owes you something is a major impediment to a happier life. But we are raising a generation who carry that belief. What will be the consequences?

Is Happiness Boring?

Madison Avenue and Hollywood promote an exciting life. Does happiness get a bad rap because it's perceived as boring? Is it?


Best of Happiness Hour 2014

by The Dennis Prager Show

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Best of Happiness Hour 2014, The Dennis Prager Show