Beyond Magenta

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: February 2014

Duration: 4 hours 37 minutes


“I’ve always loved my body, and now I love it even more because it fits how I feel.” — Jessy “Learn your pronouns because I don’t want to have to slap somebody tonight.” — Christina “Transition? Everyone goes through one kind of transition or another. We go through transitions every day. Except mine is maybe a little more extreme.” — Mariah “Being trans is not the next step to being gay. They are similar in that they are both breaking gender rules.” — Cameron “When people say I look male or female, it messes up my head.” — Nat “My family was okay with me being gay, but trans was a different issue for them. I think a lot of it was because they had no experience with it.” — Luke In Beyond Magenta, six teens tell what it is like for them to be members of the transgender community.


  • Vanessa Centeno

    This is an amazing story of strong, determined young people. It enlightens those unfamilar with LGBTQ and sheds light on heart-wrenching struggles they face. My only complaint is that the audiobook doesn't contain the lovely pictures of these outstanding people.