Blackbird Fly: Number 1 in the Bennett Sisters Mystery series

Blackbird Fly: Number 1 in the Bennett Sisters Mystery series

Written by:
Lise McClendon
Narrated by:
Denice Stradling
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2011
10 hours 30 minutes
Merle Bennett realizes almost immediately after her husband suddenly dies that it was no wonder she didn't know anything about him. Still, the will’s quite a shock. And so is an intriguing surprise—Harry left her a family home in a tiny French village. Or maybe a family home. Because who was Harry’s family? Finding out is half the fun.Merle sets out to claim her inheritance, adolescent son in tow, and thus begins a sojourn reminiscent of A Year in Provence, or perhaps Under The Tuscan Sun. Malcouziac, Merle’s tiny Dordogne town, is the quintessential village—just perfect for a murder. And a rollicking good time.

Once Merle gets there, she finds…well, France! An unexpected romance. Mystery galore. Murder-- and not just murder, but the unnerving experience of being a suspect. Once her passport is confiscated, what can she do but stay and restore her ancient battered house? While enjoying the tender attention of the unusually well-educated, handsome and…yes, quite mysterious roofer she’s hired.

Particularly recommended for those who love France or have plans to visit there. Mystery lovers, chick lit fans, and cozy fanatics will all find it très chouette— more prosaically, simply awesome and formidable!

From the author:

A novel has a distinct setting but it's the people who drive the action. My research led me to seek out a picturesque bastide village, the stone walls crumbling a bit, the hilltop location surrounded by vineyards and lush, tree-tangled ravines, narrow pedestrian streets and half-renovated houses. Without the setting the story wouldn't have come alive in my imagination. Whether you look out your real window, or the window in your mind, I hope Blackbird Fly brings it all to life for you. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy.
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