Written By: Anne Rice

Narrated By: Derek Jacobi

Date: October 2001

Duration: 6 hours 0 minutes


NATIONAL BESTSELLER • The Vampire Chronicles continue as the great vampire Marius returns.

The golden-haired Marius, true Child of the Millennia, once mentor to The Vampire Lestat, always and forever the conscientious foe of the Evil Doer, reveals in his own intense yet inti-
mate voice the secrets of his two-thousand-year existence.

Once a proud Senator in Imperial Rome, kidnapped and made a “blood god” by the Druids, Marius becomes the embittered protector of Akasha and Enkil, Queen and King of the vampires, in whom the core of the supernatural race resides.

We follow him through his heartbreaking abandonment of the vampire Pandora. Through him we see the fall of pagan Rome to the Emperor Constantine and the horrific sack of the Eternal City itself at the hands of the Visigoths.

Bravely, Marius seeks a new civilization in the midst of glittering Constantinople, only to meet with the blood drinker Eudoxia. We see him ultimately returning to his beloved Italy, where after the horrors of the Black Death, he is restored by the beauty of the Renaissance. We see him become a painter living dangerously
yet happily among mortals, giving his heart to the great Botticelli, to the bewitching courtesan Bianca, and to the mysterious young apprentice Armand.

Moving from Rome to Florence, Venice, and Dresden, and to the English castle of the secret scholarly order of the Talamasca, the novel reaches its dramatic finale in our own time, deep in the jungle where Marius, having told his life story, seeks some measure of justice from the oldest vampires in the world.


  • Derrick Harris

    I definitely enjoyed this tell by Anne Rice, another good book!

  • victor ochoa

    This is the best book of the series. If you love History and Ancient Rome up to the Renaissance time frame you will love the Author's ability to tell you a tale of enchanting mystery with super natural power and the longing of love that lasts centuries. The best audio book in the Series!

  • heather

    This book-tape was very slow. could not get into it. could not listen to it through.

  • Sharon S

    I love Anne Rice's books but was disappointed that this was abridged. Her stories have so much depth I could tell immediately that it was cut back. Interesting story although Marius was never one of my favorite vamps it does explain a lot about him.

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by Anne Rice

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Blood and Gold, Anne Rice
Blood and Gold, Anne Rice
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Blood and Gold, Anne Rice
This title is due for release on October 30, 2001
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Blood and Gold, Anne Rice
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Blood and Gold, Anne Rice

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