The Body Beautiful: Common-Sense Ideas on Health and Beauty without Medicine

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Nannette Magruder Pratt

Narrated By: Dianne Brin

Publisher: CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing

Date: September 2008

Duration: 3 hours 59 minutes


"Written with the sedentary middle-aged woman in mind, this audiobook describes the fundamentals for good fitness and complexion.

Like they say about basketball, you can't win without good fundamentals. Nothing difficult, nothing exotic; just practical, common-sense advice to help you feel and look your best, the natural way.



1. The Meaning of Physical Culture
Why water should not be taken with meals.
Thorough mastication of food necessary.
Ice water injurious.
Tea, coffee, and stimulants.
Better to take no liquid with meals.
Health drinks.

2. Foods Digestible and Indigestible
Foods to be avoided.
Soda fountain concoctions.
Lemonade and mineral waters.
Advice about water drinking while traveling.
List of clean, wholesome foods.
Hot water the first thing in the morning.
Stop coffee and tea gradually.
All diseases come from bad blood.
Dieting in a boarding house.
Injurious to eat between meals.
Two meals a day.
Heaviest meal in the middle of the day if possible.

3. The Complaint of a Stomach
How the stomach is overtaxed.
The pity of liquid with meals.

4. The Kidneys
How they can be rested.
Diet list for a kidney-rest.

5. Constipation
Cure for it.
Corset one of the causes.

6. Fasting
Ideas about cleansing blood.
When impurities have been removed begin on clean diet.

7. About Meat
Too much meat a tax to digestion.
Beef, mutton, or lamb once a day.

8. Health Bath
The kind of brush to use.
Bath tub not necessary.

9. Sleeping, Tight Lacing, and a Word to Fleshy and Thin People
About sleeping.
Wear comfortable shoes.
Tight lacing.
A word to fleshy people.
What to eat to reduce flesh.
A word to thin people.

10. Outdoor Exercises
How to climb stairs.
Horseback riding.
Swimming, golf, bicycle riding.
Health and beauty recipe.
Ten or twenty breaths at the open window every morning.

11. Care of the Teeth, Hair, Hands, and Feet
Mouth wash recommended.
How to treat the scalp.
Rubber gloves necessary in housework.
Be good to your feet.

12. How to Cure a Cold without Medicine, etc.
Do not sleep on feather bed.
Cold room for sleeping described.
How to cure chronic sore throat.
Why Mondays are called ""Blue Mondays.""
How I reduced my weight from 165 pounds to 135 pounds.

13. Specific Rules for Reducing Flesh
In order to be well necessary to keep organs free from superfluous flesh.
Exercise and diet.

14. How to Put on Flesh
Diet list.
Massage - exercise.

15. For the Complexion
Keep stomach clean.

16. Perspiration of Hands and Feet
Good circulation necessary and clean diet.
Punching bag.

17. A Punch-bowl Episode

18. Exercise
What exercise will do.
About inherited diseases.
Chronic ill health a thing to be ashamed of.
Learn to breathe correctly.
Consumption in its incipiency cured by physical culture.
Necessity of developing the lungs of children.

19. Name and Description of Exercises
Abdominal Breathing.
Raise Feet.
Sit Up.
Back on Heels.
Limber Waist.
Hands Over Head.
Tips of Fingers to Floor.
Wrist Exercise.
Expand Chest.
Chest Developer.
Bicycle Exercise.
Arm Exercise.
Back Exercise No. 1.
Back Exercise No. 2.
Neck Exercise.
West Point Spread.
Raise Knees to Chest.
To start circulation and reduce hips.
Bath and rub-down after exercising.

20. Specific Exercises for Reducing and Developing the Body. For Indigestion and the Liver
Exercises for general use.
Exercises for reducing abdomen.
Exercises for indigestion.
Exercises for the liver.
Exercises for bust and chest development.
Exercises for developing arms.
Exercises for developing neck.
Exercises for strengthening back.
Exercises for making waist supple.
Exercises for developing the legs.
Exercises for reducing hips.

21. Health Meals for One Week

22. Question Department

23. A Few Health Rules in a Nutshell

24. Recipes
Creme Marquise - a fine cold cream.
Astringent face wash.
Lotion for the face and hands.
Hair tonic.
Sedative wash.
Improved flaxseed poultice.

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by Nannette Magruder Pratt

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