The Boy With Wings

The Boy With Wings

Written by:
Lenny Henry
Narrated by:
Lenny Henry

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
October 2021
3 hours 49 minutes
Lenny Henry's hilarious adventure, The Boy with Wings, is for listeners of 9 to 12. Includes an exclusive comic book adventure illustrated by Mark Buckingham, available to download as a PDF.

An ordinary kid is about to become an EXTRAORDINARY hero!

Wings? Check.
A super-cool, super-secret past? Check.
An impossible mission to save the world from a fur-ocious enemy? Check.

When Tunde sprouts wings and learns he’s all that stands between Earth and total destruction, suddenly school is the least of his problems. Luckily, his rag-tag group of pals have got his back, and with his new powers, Tunde is ready to fly in the face of danger.

So what if he can’t even stand up to the school bully? He’s the boy with wings – this is his destiny.

No pressure then. . .
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