Calixta: The Vanquishers Of Alhambra

Calixta: The Vanquishers Of Alhambra

Written by:
Omayra Vélez
Narrated by:
Elias Othitis , Corina Ollett
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
12 hours 2 minutes
I am Calixta Harlow Carlyle, and the devil is after me. One day, like any other, a man killed me mercilessly. Then I woke up in the antechamber of heaven, where I met the embodiments of Virtues and the Keepers of Magic.

Those devious Virtues gave me magic and sent me back to the Kingdom of Alhambra,

When I returned to life a few days later, a devil of a man named Jadro started looking for me. He wants me dead. Why? I honestly do not know. The wretched man found me and killed some of my workers, setting my home on fire—a horrible sight to see the blood of my dear employees flowing on the marble floors of my home.

Now, I am running for my life with three of my closest friends, and I found this so-called First Vanquisher, Lord Ashton Dreyden. He must train me to be a Vanquisher, but I hate him.

Lord Dreyden is a hypocrite. I want to roast him alive with my fire magic. My friends keep dying, and I want to run away with the ones I have left. Oh, but where can I live with an undesirable trade?

Death owns me, the devil is chasing me, and I have magic I don’t know how to use in a world engulfed by evil. I must learn to use my magic and unite with the other two Vanquishers to stop this war of genocide from taking over Alhambra. Can life get any worse?

“I own you, Calixta, and I can make your life a lot worse,” said Jadro.

Author’s Note: This is a grimdark but sexy fantasy. It’s the first in a series and ends on a cliffhanger. For a list of CW, please visit the author’s website.
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