The Cat Who Walks through Walls

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Robert A. Heinlein

Narrated By: Tom Weiner

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: December 2007

Duration: 13 hours 31 minutes


Dr. Richard Ames is an ex-military man, a sometime writer, and an unfortunate victim of mistaken identity. When a stranger attempting to deliver a cryptic message is shot dead at his table, Ames is thrown headfirst into danger, intrigue, and other dimensions, where a plot to rescue a sentient computer could alter human history.


  • Joe Hodge III

    The same old Heinlein. Long on lecturing and a storyline that runs like he got tired of this book there quarters of the way through and decided to just finish it off by tossing everyone into the Lazarus Long Gordian knot of relationships and then arbitrarily end the story at a point where a future book can take off from if needed. Not as disjointed as Stranger in a Strange Land that reads like a promising Sci-Fi novel until a quarter of the way through it switches into Heinlein lecture mode. The book is not bad as Heinlein goes and worth a listen if you like Heilein's "traveling lecture stories". The narration is good except the narrator gets lost in all the gibbering sometimes and forgets which voice belongs to whom.

Cat Who Walks through Walls

by Robert A. Heinlein

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Cat Who Walks through Walls, Robert A. Heinlein