The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Margaret A. McIntyre

Narrated By: Nancy Lee

Publisher: CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing

Date: September 2006

Duration: 1 hours 48 minutes


Follow the Cave Boy as he has fun exploring his ancient world. You will be transported to a time of stone weapons, shell mounds, mammoth hunts, and archaeological insights.

This fictional story, complete with sound effects, is based on real archaeology. Through the eyes and ears of Cave Boy, listeners can re-experience how people may have lived long ago.

The audiobook is divided into two parts. Part One is the story of the Cave Boy. Part Two provides archaeological background of the world in which the Cave Boy lived.


Part I:
1. Strongarm's Family
2. The Needle, the Club, and the Bow
3. The Taming of the Dog
4. How Strongarm Hunted a Bear and a Lion
5. The Old Ax Maker Visits His Daughter
6. The Coming of Fire
7. The Cave Tiger
8. The Making of Stone Weapons
9. At the Gravel Pit
10. A Summer Camp
11. Thorn Meets the Children of the Shell Mounds
12. At the Home of the Shell Mound People
13. Thorn Learns to Swim
14. The Feast of Mammoth's Meat

Part II:
15. The Red Men of Our Own Country in the Stone Age
16. How Stone Weapons of the Cave Men Were First Found
17. How the Earth Looked When the Shell Men and the Cave Men Lived
18. How Early Men Believed that All Things that Move Are Alive
19. The People of Our Time Who Were Most Like the Cave Men


Cave Boy of the Age of Stone

by Margaret A. McIntyre

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Cave Boy of the Age of Stone, Margaret A. McIntyre