Childhood's End

Childhood's End

Written by:
Arthur C. Clarke
Narrated by:
Greg Wagland

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
March 2016
8 hours 0 minutes
When the silent spacecraft arrived and took the light from the world, no one knew what to expect. When the Overlords finally showed themselves it was a shock, but one that humankind could now cope with, and an era of peace, prosperity and endless leisure began. But the children of this utopia dream strange dreams of distant suns and alien planets, and soon they will be ready to join the Overmind ... and, in a grand and thrilling metaphysical climax, leave the Earth behind.
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amazing thought provoking. good narration. recommend it.

Worth a listen, even for the snippet of his thoughts in the forward. Arthur C. Clarke really is a unique mind. His style, imagination and positivity. Even in this, which he says he felt too pessimistic for him to agree with. The undercurrent of his excitement for the future is infectious. He's also a first rate story teller, keeping me hooked with human curiosity from the first chapter. Superb, never a disappointment.

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