Churchill: Walking with Destiny

Churchill: Walking with Destiny

Written by:
Andrew Roberts
Narrated by:
Stephen Thorne

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
October 2018
50 hours 28 minutes
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Winston Churchill towers over every other figure in 20th-century British history. By the time of his death at the age of 90 in 1965, many thought him to be the greatest man in the world.

There have been over a thousand previous biographies of Churchill. Andrew Roberts now draws on over 40 new sources, including the private diaries of King George VI, used in no previous Churchill biography, to depict him more intimately and persuasively than any of its predecessors. Masterfully narrated by Stephen Thorne, this audiobook in no way conceals Churchill's faults, and it allows the listener to appreciate his virtues and character in full: his titanic capacity for work (and drink), his ability see the big picture, his willingness to take risks and insistence on being where the action was, his good humour even in the most desperate circumstances, the breadth and strength of his friendships and his extraordinary propensity to burst into tears at unexpected moments. Above all, it shows us the wellsprings of his personality - his lifelong desire to please his father (even long after his father's death) but aristocratic disdain for the opinions of almost everyone else, his love of the British Empire, his sense of history and its connection to the present.

During the Second World War, Churchill summoned a particular scientist to see him several times for technical advice. 'It was the same whenever we met', wrote the young man. 'I had a feeling of being recharged by a source of living power.' Harry Hopkins, President Roosevelt's emissary, wrote, 'Wherever he was, there was a battlefront.' Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke, Churchill's essential partner in strategy and most severe critic in private, wrote in his diary, 'I thank God I was given such an opportunity of working alongside such a man, and of having my eyes opened to the fact that occasionally such supermen exist on this earth.'

© Andrew Roberts 2018 (P) Penguin Audio 2018
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Jane L.

I thought this a spectacular overview of a remarkable man and a remarkable life. The book manages to walk the fine line between slamming Churchill for poor decisions and mythologising him for good ones. The narrator does a marvellous job I highly recommend this biography

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Jim B.

The book was thoroughly researched, and generally well read. I got through it quickly, given the length.

Profile Avatar
Luke L.

Rather boring more like listening to an dictionary being read out.

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Leon H.

A very long winded story - just like Mr Churchill

Profile Avatar
David U.

brilliant account of an incredibly interesting man who change the course of history.

Profile Avatar
Martin S.

A fascinating book, well written and engaging in audiobook form. 50+ hours flew by.

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