Confession to Murder: The DI Jack Knox mysteries Book 6

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
5 hours 0 minutes
Edinburgh detectives hunt a man with an instinct to kill...
After wrangling with his conscience, a priest approaches Edinburgh police and reports that a man confessed to killing a young woman. During a passionate petting session with the girl, he flipped and strangled her.
Following a hunch that the victim could be a missing Canadian tourist, DI Jack Knox scrambles his team to track him down. Yet their only lead is the confession, and they have little other information to go on.
When another woman is found dead, capturing the man becomes the force's number one priority. But their efforts are stymied when a key team member is suspended following an internal affairs investigation into a boisterous arrest.
When Knox closes in on the killer, he'll have to tread carefully. They are dealing with a man possessed…
CONFESSION TO MURDER is the sixth standalone title in this series of DI Jack Knox detective novels
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