Confessions of A Shopaholic

Written by:
Sophie Kinsella
Narrated by:
Emily Gray

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2003
11 hours 44 minutes
Sophie Kinsella's debut is a rollicking romp through the perils of shopping and spending, spending, spending! Becky can't resist a sale, and she's only a little overdrawn on her VISA. Besides, that new scarf is just too cute to pass up. Readers will laugh aloud at Becky's retail adventures as she finds new and creative ways to relieve her increasingly burdensome credit card debt. Emily Gray's narration bounces along with Becky and her buying whims, while delivering a humorous account of what happens when credit goes bad.
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I loved this book, Sophie Kinsella becomes a friend you can’t wait to hear from again!

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Judi Jeanotte

a friend recommended this series, said it was funny. I admit I chuckled a few times but it was hard to finish this listen. I absolutely hated Rebecca. So ignorant, shallow, self centered I just couldn't get past her stupidity. Narration was great, loved the voices and had no problem differentiating between characters. The end did help me think it wasn't a whole waste of time but it was predictable. I won’t be reading anymore in this series but giving 3 stars because despite my disdain of the main character, the book was well written and read.

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Gail K.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book!

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Rubbish! The book is about a selfish, intellectually limited person. Boring story (or lack of it), boring character, boring writing.

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Patricia G.

It’s funny and entertaining

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Lani O.

Enjoyed this listen and many parts of the book gave me a good laugh. Perfect listen when you feel nostalgic about the 90's and easy light read when you just want an escape.

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Dori B.

Really predictable story with shallow characters. Every person is either “good” or “evil” and there is no in between. No person is like that in real life.

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