Courageous Psychology

Written by:
Dr Nick Baylis
Narrated by:
Dr Nick Baylis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
6 hours 31 minutes
This is my rough guide to things that matter : our emotional wounds, sub-conscious drives, and why we make serious mistakes; how to befriend our fears, express our passions, and thrive in the face of adversity.
Yet, all the know-how comes to nothing, without the courage to apply it.
If we’re to live freely & fully, we have to muster some grit.
As a Cambridge University doctor of psychology who lectures about radiant well-being, I wrote 100 columns for The London Times and have gladly consulted for 20 years to individuals, schools and business. The field has made wonderful break-throughs that I wish were common knowledge, so I’ve gathered the insights & antidotes that proved game-changing for the glowing personalities who taught me that taking care of yourself isn’t being selfish, because when you strive to live well, the goodness ripples outwards through the world around.
I wrote this book for everyone’s best-friend and romantic partner, as much as for the big-hearted parents, teachers and health professionals I greatly admire. It’s my warm invitation to compare notes on the practical skills & guiding principles that can help us live bravely for those we love.
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Iona C.

Great book, would highly recommend! Easy to listen to and very applicable ways to develop important life skills.

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Love it! I keep listening to it.

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Laurence H.

Great stuff in here, deserves to be more widely read. And the world deserves this book too!

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