Depression: Become More Resilient and Happier through Newly Acquired Knowledge

Depression: Become More Resilient and Happier through Newly Acquired Knowledge

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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
6 hours 46 minutes
This combo contains several books that are all related to our mental health, which are:

Book 1: Where does anxiety come from? One of the studies that has been conducted, found that the amygdala in our brain play an essential role in the process of creating cortisol, the stress hormone, and that many of our reactions are somehow related to that cerebral region.

Book 2: You will also read about social anxiety disorder, a common disorder found among those who lack the willpower, skills, or the ability to naturally pick up social cues. It talks about how hard it can be to socialize, since many people have no idea what is going on inside our heads.

Book 3: What if you could begin to overcome your depression by getting the right information? Wouldn’t that be something worth investing into? Depression is a serious condition, and a manic depression takes it even a step further.

Book 4: The brain is the most important factor that determines our success. How well we handle the emotions caused by physical changes, how calm we can stay when panic hits our mind, and how determined we are to persevere when times get tough; those are things we need to control before we focus on any mechanics.

Book 5: Make better decisions and become more determined and disciplined.

If only we could control ourselves and direct our bodies to accomplish more; that’s what this guide is all about. Too many people are not in charge of what they do and say.

Book 6: You may have heard of emotional intelligence. You may have even learned a little bit about it. This audiobook, however, can take you to the next level of understanding what to do with the neural processes in your brain and how to channel them to gain more control over yourself and your situation. 
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