Don Quixote: Translated by Edith Grossman

Written by:
Miguel de Cervantes
Narrated by:
George Guidall

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2012
39 hours 47 minutes
Don Quixote is the classic story. Called the first modern novel, this marvelous book has stood the test of time to become irrevocably intertwined with the fabric of society. Sixteenth-century Spanish gentleman Don Quixote, fed by his own delusional fantasies, takes to the road in search of chivalrous adventures. But his quest leads to more trouble than triumph. At once humorous, romantic, and sad, Don Quixote is a literary landmark. This fresh edition, by award-winning translator Edith Grossman, brings the tale to life as never before.
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Rob C.

Brilliant voice work by a world class narrator! I love this classic, hilarious story but it could use modern day editor. I’d look for an abridged version as the 39 hours became challenging at times.

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Sonny Arrojado

Excellent narration. Story was more robust and characters came alive because of it.

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After all these years I have now finally read Don Quixote and it is delightful! Watch out for the racism though. And sexism (okay, it WAS written by a white European in the 17th century - so, obviously). Most lasting impression on me were the scenes involving diarrhea (whaaat?! I was dying!). Cervantes had a wry sense of humor that still holds up. The audio version was great, but for a true study try to find an annotated print version. There were many casual references to objects and events that you likely would have just known about at the time, but I had no idea. Fantastic narration. Top tip: set bookmarks frequently. I was about a third of the way through and accidentally hit the "restart" button on my player. Heartbreaking.

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Thomas C.

Purchase the Edith Grossman 2003 translation and get this audiobook version with George Guidall narrating and you are in for a REAL TREAT! Read right along with this narrator and you feel like you are part of a private audience with Cervantes, himself. Thanks to the skill of Guidall, he has fun with the characters without becoming the centerpiece. While it is a long novel, you quickly understand why it is still in print some 400 + years after being written. I choose to read/listen to the book at a rate of 100 pages at a time (i.e., that's about four hours of listening), and interspersed this experience with other novels in between. This really worked well 'cause I was eager to return to Don Quixote. Wonderful summer read . . .

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Gregory P

Great book.

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Diana Lizardo

Great book ...... So good that I want to listen to it again!!!!!!

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