Earthlings: A Novel

Written by:
Sayaka Murata
Narrated by:
Nancy Wu

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
7 hours 6 minutes
As a child, Natsuki doesn’t fit into her family. Her parents favor her sister, and her best friend is a plush toy hedgehog named Piyyut who has explained to her that he has come from the planet Popinpobopia on a special quest to help her save the Earth. Each summer, Natsuki counts down the days until her family drives into the mountains of Nagano to visit her grandparents in their wooden house in the forest, a place that couldn’t be more different from her grey commuter town. One summer, her cousin Yuu confides to Natsuki that he is an extraterrestrial and that every night he searches the sky for the spaceship that might take him back to his home planet. Natsuki wonders if she might be an alien too.

Back in her city home, Natsuki is scolded or ignored and even preyed upon by a young teacher at her cram school. As she grows up in a hostile, violent world, she consoles herself with memories of her time with Yuu and discovers a surprisingly potent inner power. Natsuki seems forced to fit into a society she deems a “baby factory,” but even as a married woman she wonders if there is more to this world than the mundane reality everyone else seems to accept. The answers are out there, and Natsuki has the power to find them.

Dreamlike, sometimes shocking, and always strange and wonderful, Earthlings asks what it means to be happy in a stifling world and cements Sayaka Murata’s status as a master chronicler of the outsider experience and our own uncanny universe.
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Liz S.

This was very different from what I expected! I was looking forward to a light hearted silly book and what I got was a dark, poignant commentary on modern society. All in all I think it was a good satire novel, but found it to be quite repetitive, which was to its detriment. The narration was superb.

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A dark and satirical novel that reminds me a bit of Brave New World. I felt a bit sad listening to the first half as abuse and violence fill the first part of the story. The novel doesn’t necessarily get brighter, but the plot picks up and pushes the narrative so far out that the sadness of the first half also began to shake off, but with that comes the rise of the grotesque. If that doesn’t bother you and you already make it halfway, keep going. I think the larger social critique is worth it.

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This book should come with a warning about the subject matter.

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