Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Davis Bunn

Narrated By: David Colacci

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: September 2004

Duration: 6 hours 31 minutes


When Revell Pharmaceuticals, the multi-billion dollar giant owned by the Revells, approaches Taylor Knox and his company with the possibility of a merger, the future has never looked better. Not only will the merger benefit Taylor and his company - the promise of a personal share of the proceeds makes the move even more worthwhile. But in order to obtain this personal share, Taylor must find the missing pharmaceutical heiress, Kirra Revell - once the love of his life - who seems to have disappeared without a trace. According to her sister, Kirra has been kidnapped.

But as Taylor travels the globe in pursuit of the missing woman, he realizes that Kirra simply doesn't want to be found. As the search continues, Taylor's life is threatened at every turn. Who is behind these deadly attacks? When Taylor finally locates Kirra and discovers the secret of her research with indigenous plants, he realizes what a threat she is to her family's pharmaceutical empire. And now, he too is a threat. How far are these corporate killers willing to go to protect their empire?


  • primetyme

    Always suspenseful - as Bunn is. A little slow at first but more "attention-getting" soon. I liked the ending, not just "typical." Abridged may have lost too much of the story. I just prefer unabridged.

  • Helen Medlock

    The story line of a drug that could help easy pain with no side effects is a new and different one. The take over of the company was the basis for the story line more than the romance that once had been between Taylor and Kirra. As Taylor set out on his journey he was introduced to both the new life of faith and people who were good without wanting a thing from him. The plot of his journey was by far the shows just how a consumed person can be on having their way no matter what the cost. Taylor in learning the secrets that were harbored in a family of non losers find that with the help of his new found faith can overcome all the obstacles no matter what the cost. I would recommend this book.


by Davis Bunn

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