The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2017
10 hours 39 minutes
'This book is a marvel. The Fact of a Body is equal parts gripping and haunting and will leave you questioning whether any one story can hold the full truth.' -- Celeste Ng, author of the New York Times bestselling Everything I Never Told You

Before Alex Marzano-Lesnevich begins a summer job at a law firm in Louisiana, working to help defend men accused of murder, they think their position is clear. The child of two lawyers, Alex is staunchly anti-death penalty. But the moment convicted murderer Ricky Langley’s face flashes on the screen as Alex reviews old tapes—the moment they hear him speak of his crimes—they are overcome with the feeling of wanting him to die. Shocked by their reaction, Alex digs deeper and deeper into the case. Despite their vastly different circumstances, something in Langley's story is unsettlingly, uncannily familiar.

Crime, even the darkest and most unsayable acts, can happen to any one of us. As Alex pores over the facts of the murder, they find themself thrust into the complicated narrative of Ricky’s childhood. And by examining the details of Ricky’s case, Alex is forced to face their own story, to unearth long-buried family secrets, and reckon with a past that colors their view of Ricky's crime.

But another surprise awaits: Alex wasn’t the only one who saw their life in Ricky’s.

An intellectual and emotional thriller that is also a different kind of murder mystery, THE FACT OF A BODY is an audiobook not only about how the story of one crime was constructed -- but about how we grapple with our own personal histories. Along the way it tackles questions about the nature of forgiveness, and if a single narrative can ever really contain something as definitive as the truth. This groundbreaking, heart-stopping work, ten years in the making, shows how the law is more personal than we would like to believe -- and the truth more complicated, and powerful, than we could ever imagine.

This program is read by the author.
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Inga A

Painfully repetitive, which cause to lose interest to very painful and sad story.

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Vanessa W

I thought the book was well written and I liked the way the author paralleled the stories of the subjects /characters and herself. I wasn't a fan of the narrator herself, though. No emotion in her voice. Although the story content was fascinating I found her voice causing me to lose interest in the story.

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Ann H

well narrated and well written but the subject is beyond disturbing terrible subject matter: child molesters and children being molested oi vay

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Donna C

Hard to hear but very insightful.

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