First Light

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Mary Mertins, Helen Mertins

Narrated By: Cliff Roles

Publisher: CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing

Date: April 2008

Duration: 7 hours 0 minutes


A Medieval Celtic fantasy full of deadly deceptions, with twists and turns to be savored.

First Light delves into a tumultuous era in the Highlands of Eire. Will the ancient rituals of Una, the Mystic of the Swamp, succeed in coaxing the mighty spirits to protect Lady Fiona from the secrets of the grave? The Mertins twins recreate the earthy, crude qualities of medieval castle life. Lords, sans scruples, proposing lust and love... Courtly love... ladies dressed in shimmering satin... ancient chants... poisoned wine...


1. First Light; The Bride and Groom; Mi Na Meala; Second Light; Enemy in the Night; The Torment
2. Desperate for Help; Into the Forest; Una, the Swamp Witch; Being Guided Back; The Magical Cure
3. Silence; Confrontations Persist; Unbearable Unhappiness
4. A Deadly Game; The Marketplace; The Golden Coin; Revisiting the Market
5. The Concoction; Sexual Proclivities; Carousing Continues; Messenger of Death; Justice is Served; Caty Defends Herself; Edmud Accuses
6. Final Trip Home to Lockmoor; Internment in the Meadow; Remembering; Evil is as Evil Does
7. Home from the Tavern; Daily Routine; Remembering the Good Times... and Bad; Lady of the Castle; Family Discipline
8. Quarreling Youths; Edmud, Traveling Tradesman; Remorse; A Reason to Visit Fiona; Finding Fiona and the Golden Coin
9. The Dark Route Home; Checking the East Tower
10. Time of New Life; A Cause for Joy; Baby Girl; Readiness; The Knowing
11. The Celebration; The Baptism; One Task Remains; Heir to the Castle
12. Forty-Day Wait; A Possible Solution; The Sharoke; The Search is Ended
13. Farewell Warning; Alone at the Castle; A Castle Day; Treasure; A Rich Life; Castle Guards; Captain of the Guards; Nights at the Castle; Dusk Gathers
14. Springtime; Summer Progress; Escape to Lockmoor; A warning
15. The Sojourn; The Fair; Safe Arrival at Lockmoor; The Much Awaited Sharing; The Telling of the Rune; The Game of Hearts
16. The Game; Plans in Motion; Letter Received; A Warning; Courting Love; The Responses; Foreboding
17. The Encounter; The Big Game; Readying For Entrapment
18. The Feast Begins; The Evening Progresses; The Players Continue; Coincidences; The Questioning; Sharing of Secrets
19. Preparations
20. The Ceremony; Achievement; A Taste of Love; Anxiety; To Bed, to Dream; The Sharing of Secrets; Completeness
21. Rude Awakening; The Story; Jason is Dead
22. Burial of Jason Avery; The Confrontation; Alone at Last; First Light reprise


First Light

by Mary Mertins, Helen Mertins

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First Light, Mary Mertins, Helen Mertins