Furmidable Foes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
9 hours 13 minutes
Mary Minor “Harry” Harristeen is on the hunt for a killer with a deadly green thumb when a day in
the garden turns fatal in this exciting new mystery from Rita Mae Brown and her feline co-author Sneaky
Pie Brown.
Spring arrives in northern Virginia, and as the ground thaws and the peonies begin to bloom a bright magenta,
the women of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church prepare for a Homecoming celebration like no other. Harry, Susan Tucker,
and their friends are busy planting flowers and trimming hedges to get the church grounds in shape for the big day.
But a note of a menace mars the beautiful spring: The brewery owned by Janice Childs and Mags Nielsen, two
members of the gardening committee, gets robbed, with hundreds of dollars in merchandise taken off their delivery
trucks in the dead of night. Is this the work of a random thief? Or is something more sinister afoot?
When Jeannie Cordle drops dead at a charity auction, poisoned by a fatal weed, Harry’s worst suspicions are
confirmed: a killer lurks in their midst, one with a keen understanding of poisonous plants. Although she can’t yet
prove it, Harry knows the murder is related to the thefts at Bottom’s Up Brewery.
With help from her feline sidekicks, Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, as well as Tee Tucker the corgi and sweet puppy
Pirate, Harry sets out to find the weed in St. Luke’s garden—and stop a killer before they can strike again.
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Not too bad, although I was more interested in the story occurring in the 1700's. I get the impression Ms. Brown is a little tired of her characters, it feels like she phoned this book in, there is a murder and I figured out who the murderer was fairly quickly, although the how was interesting.

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