Gaia: The Complete Series: books 1-3

Gaia: The Complete Series: books 1-3

Written by:
Colin Lindsay
Narrated by:
Skye Alley
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
26 hours 57 minutes
Gaia Wept

Gaia wasn’t sure which is more burdensome – having no past or no end. As a newly minted goddess, she coaxes life from the dust of a desolate galaxy and protects it from the universe’s more capricious designs. It’s a rewarding existence but a lonely one. Her work is her sole passion for eons until the unthinkable happens – she falls in love with one of her creations, the handsome and principled Sigil. Whether it’s fate’s way of taunting her with a love she can’t have or just some new torment, there’s no stopping her fall. Their love spans the ages, with each cosmic cycle bringing him back to her, each time a little closer, but to what end? What kind of life can an immortal and a mortal share, despite a love that transcends time?

Cassiopeia Rising

Cassi needed to prove to herself that she had what it took to be a goddess, and there was no better proving ground than a world truly on the brink.

Cassi selected her instruments: Thistle, an oppositional orphan from the lower caste, and Wynn, heir to the throne. The two young women were on a collision course but shared one thing... They were both dying.

It was fitting, Cassi thought, to have selected these women as this world was only the beginning. Ultimately, her war was with death itself.

A goddess rises.

B-Rate Gods

The secret of how Gaia can go home has been unlocked, but nothing in her life has ever been easy, so why should this?

Gaia finds herself at the center of a conflict between gods. Death, War and Love all have her in their sights, and the support she’s never had to question from her daughter and counsel, Cassi and Prime, wavers. Mighty personalities clash, darkness rises, loyalties are tested, and love is challenged.
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