Girl, Stop Passing Out in Your Makeup: The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together

Written by:
Zara Barrie
Narrated by:
Zara Barrie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
9 hours 50 minutes
Finally, a self-help book for the millennial party girl who hates bullshit advice from 'experts' who know nothing about the trauma of drinking and sex, the acute pressure of keeping up with the rest of the Adderall poppin' world, and the insecurity that comes along with feeling like you have to be thin and gorgeous and sparkly in order to be seen.
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Abigail O.

Incredibly relatable content and it’s actually really helped me heal from a lot of past traumas that I have been ignoring. Listening to this audiobook I finally felt like someone understood my struggles and wasn’t judging me or victim blaming. This helped me let go of the past, forgive who I was, accept who I am, and acknowledge my shit. Also the idea of a playlist to match the book is so fresh and I have since added the entire list to my Spotify and sing my heart out to it

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