Greedy Bastards: How We Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Dylan Ratigan

Narrated By: Dylan Ratigan

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: January 2012

Duration: 6 hours 51 minutes


Dylan Ratigan is mad as hell. Infuriated by government corruption and corporate communism, incensed by banksters shaking down taxpayers, and despairing of an ailing health care system, an age-old dependency on foreign oil, and a failing educational system, Ratigan sees an America that has allowed itself to be swindled and robbed. In this book, his first, he rips the lid off our deeply crooked system—and offers a way out.

This country, now more than ever, needs passionate debate and smart policy, a brazen willingness to scrap what doesn't work, and the entrepreneurial spirit to try what does. Ratigan has compiled brash and fresh solutions for building a new and better America, and with this book he has started the debate America deserves.

With you, he wants to take back the country from the six vampires sucking this nation dry:

• A political system in which lobbyists write legislation, lawmakers place "secret holds" to create more pork for their districts, and money drives the whole process.

• A banking system that uses capital for speculation and debt creation, rather than productive investment.

• A "master-slave" relationship with our Chinese bankers, making our corporations and politicians complicit in a system that rigs our currency and leaves us with permanent joblessness and massive trade deficits.

• A health care system that is among the priciest and least sustainable in the industrialized world.

• An educational system that prizes prestige but produces mediocrity.

• An addiction to foreign oil that has sapped us of our willingness to innovate, made us reliant on inefficient technologies, and left us supportive of corrupt governments.

To combat these vampires and to isolate the systematic ways in which our once productive industries and our government have been breached, Ratigan does not offer a grab bag of flimsy suggestions or useless hot air. Instead he provides readers with a set of values that together form the answer for how each of us can not only understand what has gone wrong—but join together to make it right.


  • Philip Hodge

    I have never heard of this guy before. Apparently he has a cable tv show or something. But I will definitely seek out anything and everything he has written or said because he is spot on. Many rants against the prevailing economic system are just that - angry rants delivered by angry little people. Ratigan isn't one of them. He's not out to condemn capitalism, communism, or any economic system per se, he's out to expose those who would simply profit thru trickery rather than thru true productivity and honest labor. As an African American, I know America ain't perfect but we have a shot at making the world what it should be. But we will need to take control away from the short sighted greedy bastards who stand in the way of progress.

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  • brian pezzillo

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! They say the truth hurts. By the time you finish this baby you'll have a massive migraine. Sure as hell opened my eyes. He connects the dots easy enough for a 5 year old to understand.