Written By: Steve Milloy

Narrated By: Robertson Dean

Date: March 2009

Duration: 7 hours 23 minutes


Everywhere you look, all you see is green. People are "living green," businesses are "going green," and consumers are "buying green." But soon, this trendy "green" lifestyle won't be voluntary. It will be mandatory.
In Green Hell, Steve Milloy shows how the government and environmental elites will soon have you under their green thumb, controlling the speed you drive, the temperature of your home, even when you can retire, and that's just the tip of their melting iceberg. 
Milloy argues that our hasty green policies are more harmful to society than helpful to the environment and shows how we can counter the green agenda. We all want a healthy planet, but we don't need to live in a green nanny state to have one.


  • Anonymous

    This book includes every heinous right-wing climate change deny-er "argument" and casts those who are trying to "save the planet" as anti-success, pro poverty enemies who want to take everything away from us. Icky - creepy. Couldn't even finish it when I tried to use "know thy enemy" as my motivation.

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  • Bryan

    This is an amazing book that everyone should read. The Green movement around the world gets exposed. The greenies are distorting the truth, moving the world where they want it to go with no regard for the truth about everything. This is a must read for everyone. It will give the "other side" of the story related to green. This may scare readers to get involved in correcting the lies being put out everywhere.

Green Hell

by Steve Milloy

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Green Hell, Steve Milloy
Green Hell, Steve Milloy
This title is due for release on March 17, 2009.

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Green Hell, Steve Milloy
This title is due for release on March 17, 2009
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Green Hell, Steve Milloy
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Green Hell, Steve Milloy

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