Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Stephen Hunter

Narrated By: William Dufris

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: September 2004

Duration: 13 hours 25 minutes


High summer in Cuba, 1953, and Havana gleams with possibility. Flush with booming casinos, sex and drugs, Havana is a lucrative paradise for everyone from the Mafia, Domino Sugar, and United Fruit to pimps, porn-makers, and anyone looking to grab a piece of the action - including the Cuban government, which naturally honors the interests of its old ally, Uncle Sam. Of course, where there's paradise, trouble can't be far behind. Trouble, in this case, makes its entrance in the terrifically charismatic and silver-tongued form of a young revolutionary named Fidel Castro. The Caribbean is fast becoming a strategic Cold War hub, and Soviet intelligence has taken Castro under its wing. The CIA's response is to send the one man capable of eliminating Castro: the legendary gunfighter and ex-Marine hero Earl Swagger, who proved his lethal talent in the national bestsellers Hot Springs and Pale Horse Coming. In Cuba, Earl finds himself up to his neck in treacherous ambiguity where the old rules about honor and duty don't apply, and where Earl's target seems to have more guts and good luck than anyone else in Cuba.


  • Richard Bruning

    Wow. What a disappointment. After listening to PALE HORSE COMING this was a huge letdown. It doesn't sound like as well-written a Hunter book as HORSE but it's hard to tell given how bad the reading is. The reader is so inappropriate for the material it's painful. Jay O. Sanders did such a masterful job with HORSE, I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Hunter is a very uneven writer. Better than most on his best day (DIRTY WHITE BOY is a must, even if it's not here on audio) but capable of being terribly average also. Bad enough this particular book is abridged...but on the other hand, maybe not given how painful the reading is.

  • Jeff Johnson

    A decent read but not the most exciting of Hunters. Still glad I listened to it however.


by Stephen Hunter

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Havana, Stephen Hunter