Healthy Eating, Healthy World: Unleashing the Power of Plant-Based Nutrition

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: October 2011

Duration: 7 hours 40 minutes


This book is all about the single most powerful move that humans can make to promote health, reduce obesity, lower the cost of health care, nurture our fragile environment, conserve our energy resources, feed the world's steadily growing population, and greatly reduce the suffering of animals in factory farms all over the world. As Dr. T. Colin Campbell says, 'It turns out that if we eat the way that promotes the best health for ourselves, we also promote the best health for the planet.'

Like a blinding flash of the obvious, the single most viable solution to all of these issues is an aggressive move in the direction of consuming much more whole, plant-based foods'not necessarily becoming vegetarian or vegan. This book clearly explains how and why we began eating the wrong food for our species and provides helpful guidelines for getting us back on the road to vibrant health and effortless weight loss.

Fortunately, despite the incredible complexity of our current dilemma, the solution is refreshingly simple. It merely requires educating yourself, making better choices in what you eat, and then sharing all that you have learned with everyone you care about. There has never been anything more important in the history of the world.

'A timely contribution, explaining in clear, easy-to-read language'how you can make simple choices that will improve your health, longevity, and quality of life'A must-read.''Raymond Francis, bestselling author of Never Be Sick Again


  • Kyle Gourlie

    Outstanding book. If you are wanting to make a change this is a must read book.

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