Her Way

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Jeff Gerth

Narrated By: Don Van Natta, Jr.

Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA

Date: June 2007

Duration: 6 hours 12 minutes


Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporters Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr. bring us the first comprehensive and balanced portrait of the most important woman in American politics: Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Drawing upon myriad new sources and previously undisclosed documents, HER WAY shows us how Hillary tempered a youthful idealism with the realities of corporate America and big-league politics. It takes listeners from the dorm rooms at Wellesley to the courthouses of Arkansas and Washington; to the White House and role as First Lady; inside the back rooms of the Senate, where she expertly navigates the political and legislative shoals; to her $4 million mansion in Washington, where she presides over an unparalleled fundraising machine; and to her war room, from which she orchestrates ferocious attacks against her critics.

HER WAY unravels the mysteries of her political partnership with Bill Clinton—one of the most powerful and enigmatic in American history. It also explains why Hillary is such a polarizing figure. And more than any other book, it reveals her ultimate hopes and ambitions for herself and for America.