Hunters in the Dark

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Peter David

Narrated By: Scott Brick

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: June 2015

Duration: 11 hours 23 minutes


It is 2555, more than two years after the Master Chief went missing-in-action following a decisive conflict on Installation 00-the massive, extragalactic Forerunner construct known as the Ark-as part of the final chapter in humanity's bloody thirty-year struggle against the overwhelming forces of the Covenant. Now, as a tenuous peace exists between the humans and the Elites, a startling scientific discovery is made...and the riddle behind its Forerunner origins could very well seal the fate of the entire galaxy within a matter of weeks. In order to unravel these dangerous secrets, a heroic, hastily formed coalition of humans and Elites must attempt to overcome their differences as they embark on a covert mission back to the Ark-an astonishing, enigmatic place beyond comprehension from which few have returned and where mortal danger awaits them all...


  • Kerri R.

    I don't like the bit about the mom in the beginning of the book

  • Ryan P

    It's not as good as some of the originals but definitely worth a listen if you like the halo anthology

  • jake s

    The story is not complex or as intriguing as the Kilo-5 trilogy or the stand alone novels, but is worth a listen