[Russian] - Influence Psychotechnics: The Secrets of Spies

Written by:
David Leroy
Narrated by:
Stanislav Ivanov

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2017
1 hour 4 minutes
Surely you've not once heard or read that the possibilities are endless in our body. Indeed, one can observe how in critical situations people raises "impossibly high" severity, does not freeze in the icy water, well-versed in space, lost vision, paints, draw pictures without hands, or suddenly refuses to fly to the long-awaited planned vacation and still alive, as the plane on which he purchased a ticket, it is broken.

Such examples are many. The man - a wonderful creature. He is capable of much, just need to wake up his hidden features. This is possible with the help of psycho. What is a psycho-technique? How to use them? All this and will talk in this audiobook.
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